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Out Of Hours Emergency

Only to be used when the office is closed and should be reported directly to the office during opening hours as well as filling out the form.

This form is to be used for emergencies only (i.e. major water leaks and/or immediate danger to life) and not to be used to report broken down boiler, minor water leaks (where no damage to the property will be caused or can be contained) as these should be reported during office opening hours, subject to office opening within 24 hours of the issue occurring.

If the office will not be open within 24 hours of the issue occurring and is needing urgent repair (i.e. boiler break down) then this form maybe used to report this issue. For example: if the boiler break down on Saturday evening and the next opening time is over 24 hours away.

Please understand that all non emergency repairs should not be reported here and should be reported directly to the office during opening hours.

Should you issue be relating to blocked drains and sewage water then you should call Anglian Water on 03457 145 145 and they will be able to check if the issue is due to their drains or misuse. Misuse would generally be liability of the tenants.

Misuse of this form may lead to charges added to your rental account and in extreme cases eviction from the property. Please use this form to report emergencies only.

Click here to report emergency.


Tenants Maintenance & Repair Responsibilities

As a tenant you have certain responsibilities for maintenance & repairing the property best known as using the property in a tenant-like manner.

This means as a tenant you will be responsible for completing minor repairs and maintenance, some of which will include:

For more technical advice including advice on bleeding radiators and thaw frozen pipes, please see link below.

Technical advice, tutorial's and help, coming soon...

You are responsible for general things that need to be done regularly to keep a home in good working order and in neat and tidy condition.

You will be liable for the cost of general up keep of the property and you should be prepared to hire a contractor to complete work which you are unable to complete yourself. We do offer free quotations for work required and always try to assist in matters which arise.

If you are unsure whether you are liable for the repairs or the landlord, please contact our office and we can discuss this further and offer advice on what to do.